Frequently Asked Questions

GUM® PerioBalance®
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GUM® PerioBalance®?
    GUM® PerioBalance® is one of the first clinically shown probiotics specifically created for oral health. GUM® PerioBalance® contains Prodentis, a unique blend of naturally occurring probiotics designed to restore the balance and strengthen the natural defense mechanisms of the mouth. GUM® PerioBalance® is the latest in major advancements for the care of your oral health.
  2. What are probiotics?
    The World Health Organization defines probiotics as micro-organisms that confer a positive health benefit to the host when taken in specific quantities. In other words, probiotics are "good" bacteria that enhance your well being when balanced with the "harmful" bacteria already in your body.
  3. What is Prodentis™?
    Prodentis is a patented, unique blend of naturally-occurring probiotics found exclusively in GUM® PerioBalance®. Clinical studies identified the unique health-promoting properties of Prodentis. It produces a beneficial, natural agent that fights bacteria responsible for poor oral health.
  4. How does GUM® PerioBalance® work?
    When taken daily, GUM® PerioBalance® helps to keep the oral environment balanced, providing a natural defense against oral health problems. An imbalance in the oral environment can lead to poor gum health, plaque buildup and bad breath. Clinical results show improvement in gum health in 28 days. By including GUM® PerioBalance® as part of your daily oral care routine after the initial 28 days, you can help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  5. How do I take GUM® PerioBalance®?
    For best results, take one GUM® PerioBalance® lozenge daily after brushing and flossing your teeth.  Let it dissolve in your mouth for at least 10 minutes, allowing the active ingredients to be ingested and perform their beneficial actions.

    Do not brush your teeth or rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash immediately after using GUM® PerioBalance®. Doing so will prevent the beneficial ingredients in GUM PerioBalance from providing you with their optimal oral health benefits.

    If you miss a day, there's no need to take two GUM® PerioBalance® lozenges in one day to make up for the missed lozenge. Just start again the next day to stay on track for a healthy mouth.
  6. When does GUM® PerioBalance® start working?
    GUM® PerioBalance® begins working with the very first lozenge by helping to build the level of good bacteria (Prodentis) in your mouth.
  7. What should I expect when taking GUM® PerioBalance®?
    In clinical research, positive changes in gum and overall oral health were seen during the first 28 days of use. GUM® PerioBalance® will help to maintain a strong defense against unhealthy teeth and gums, plaque and bad breath.
  8. How is GUM® PerioBalance® different from a digestive probiotic?
    All probiotics are not the same. According to experts, the benefits of probiotics are strain specific. Prodentis, the probiotic found in GUM® PerioBalance®, was identified for its unique health-promoting properties. It helps to balance the oral environment providing long-lasting sustained protection when used regularly.
  9. Can I take GUM® PerioBalance® with supplements, food and medications?
    Yes. There are no known interactions with GUM® PerioBalance® and medications, foods or dietary supplements. If you have a serious oral health problem, or have a question about whether GUM® PerioBalance® is right for you, check with your dental professional or doctor before using it.
  10. How long do I need to take GUM® PerioBalance®?
    It is important to maintain the level of good bacteria (Prodentis) needed for good oral health. Including GUM® PerioBalance® as part of your daily oral care routine helps form a protective oral balance. By continuing to use GUM® PerioBalance® after 28 days, it can help maintain a natural defense against poor oral health.
  11. Can I take too much GUM® PerioBalance®?
    The recommended daily dosage is one lozenge per day, everyday.
  12. What happens if I stop taking GUM® PerioBalance®?
    If you stop taking GUM® PerioBalance®, you lose the benefit of the probiotic and proper balance in your mouth. By continuing to take GUM® PerioBalance®, you effectively build and maintain the optimal balance for good oral health.
  13. Can I use GUM® PerioBalance® instead of brushing and flossing?
    No. As always continue to brush and floss for good oral hygiene.
  14. Do I need to wait until visiting my dentist to start using GUM® PerioBalance®?
    No. You can begin using GUM® PerioBalance® at any time to begin experiencing good oral health.
  15. Can I chew the lozenge prior to 10 minutes or does it have to dissolve in my mouth?
    For best results, you should let the lozenge dissolve for 10 minutes.
  16. How much does GUM® PerioBalance® cost?
    The suggested retail price is $19.99